Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Dole Counting Book

I had a fantastic summer 2010 illustrating a children's counting book for Dole Fruits in the US - This is what Dole say about it:

"We were tired of seeing counting books put out by cookie and candy companies especially at a time when childhood obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. So, we came out with our own Dole Counting Book, featuring healthy fruit and vegetables growing in a down-home farm setting, to help kids learn their first numbers.

Beautifully illustrated by acclaimed children's book artist Jacquie O'Neill, the board book follows a family of rabbits as they tend to pineapple, lettuce, apples, tomatoes, and other crops, presenting numbers in a rhyming, engaging narrative. Our book takes a bit of creative license, as bananas and pineapple are unlikely to grow in the same climate that nurtures mushrooms and asparagus, but we hope that by introducing young learners to the nutritious wonders of nature, we'll help prime a later appetite to learn about fruit, vegetables and nutrition. "

If you want to pick up a copy go to the Dole Fruits Shop Online.
Check out the article here.
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